The Best Wooden Serving Tray to Buy in 2023

The Best Wooden Serving Tray to Buy in 2023
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Ever wondered what’s missing from your perfect table setting? Enter the wooden serving tray, an emblem of elegance and functionality. These trays not only carry your culinary creations but also convey a story of craftsmanship and natural beauty. Whether it’s a rustic acacia platter gracing your dinner party or a sleek walnut piece adding charm to your breakfast nook, wooden serving trays are the unsung heroes of both everyday life and special occasions. They bring a touch of organic warmth to our homes and a sense of occasion to our meals. Let’s delve into the world of wooden serving trays and discover how these timeless pieces can elevate your hosting game.

Selecting the Best Wooden Serving Tray

Understanding Wood Types

When choosing a wooden serving tray, the type of wood is crucial. Hardwoods like maple, oak, and walnut are revered for their sturdiness and beautiful grain, which not only adds a touch of class but also ensures the tray holds up well over time. Softwoods, such as pine, may offer a cost-effective option but tend to be less durable. Exotic woods can provide unique patterns and colors, but they may come with a higher price tag and potential environmental concerns. Consider where the wood is sourced from and if it’s a sustainable option, as the best tray is not only functional and beautiful but also environmentally responsible.

Features to Look For in a Wooden Serving Tray

A superior wooden serving tray should have a smooth finish, comfortable handles for easy carrying, and raised edges to prevent items from sliding off. The finish should be non-toxic, especially if the tray will be in contact with food. Non-slip features, like rubber grips on the underside, are a plus for stability. Additionally, consider trays with feet for stability or foldable stands if you’re looking for versatility. The balance between elegant design and practical features is the hallmark of a serving tray that stands out from the rest.

Size and Shape

Size and shape are key factors when selecting a wooden serving tray. They determine the tray’s functionality and storage when not in use. Large, rectangular trays are ideal for parties to carry multiple items, while smaller, circular, or oval trays can be perfect for intimate gatherings or as decorative pieces. The shape also affects the tray’s stability and how comfortably it can be carried. Consider the space where it will be used or displayed in your home, and ensure that its size complements your setting without overwhelming it.

Durability and Craftsmanship

Durability is synonymous with quality craftsmanship. A well-made wooden serving tray should feature tight, seamless joints and a finish that withstands the test of time and use. Handcrafted trays might offer superior artistry with details like inlays or carved handles. High durability also means the wood is properly treated and sealed to prevent warping and cracking. Always check for a tray that feels solid and well-constructed; it should not creak or flex when carrying weight. A durable tray is an investment that offers both aesthetic appeal and functional service for years.

5 Best Wooden Serving Trays for 2023

1. Renawe Set of 2 Acacia Wooden Trays Serving Platters:

Best Wooden Serving Tray

The Renawe Set of 2 Acacia Wooden Trays is a testament to the beauty and practicality of natural materials. These octagon and square-shaped serving platters are not just functional; they are statement pieces that enhance the presentation of any dish. Ideal for serving bread, charcuterie, fruit, or cheese, these trays invite an element of sophistication to your dining table. Made from acacia wood, known for its fine grain and durability, these trays can withstand the demands of daily use. The unique shapes allow for creative table settings, and their flat surface ensures stability for your food items. Serving with these platters turns any meal into a delightful culinary display.

2. Acacia Wood Serving Tray with Handles (17 Inches):

Best Wooden Serving Tray

The Acacia Wood Serving Tray embodies both function and fashion, making it an excellent choice for any home. Crafted from richly-grained acacia, this 17-inch tray is ideal for various occasions, from breakfast in bed to outdoor BBQs. The sturdy handles ensure a comfortable grip, making transportation of meals or appetizers hassle-free. Its ample size allows for a generous spread of foods, and the tray’s natural durability means it’s built to last. When not in use, it doubles as an attractive decorative piece, perfect for accenting coffee tables or ottomans. This serving tray isn’t just a household item; it’s a versatile accessory that adapts to your entertaining needs with ease.

3. Besti Rustic Vintage Food Serving Trays (Set of 2):

This set of two Besti Rustic Vintage Food Serving Trays offers a perfect blend of country charm and practicality. The trays come in two sizes, small (13.5″ x 2 x 9.5) and large (15.9″ x 2″ x 11.8″), and feature rustic dark brown finishes that evoke a warm, farmhouse feel. The metal handles on each side not only add to the rustic look but also make for easy handling. These sturdy wooden boards are ideal for everything from serving food to guests to acting as a stylish decorative platform for your farmhouse decor accents. The set gives you the flexibility to use them together for a coordinated look or separately to suit different occasions and spaces.

4. 3 Tier Cupcake Stand and Towers Serving Tray:

The 3-Tier Cupcake Stand is a stunning acacia wooden dessert display that brings a rustic yet refined aesthetic to any party or gathering. This tiered tray showcases desserts, appetizers, and other small bites beautifully, making it a centerpiece for your table. The acacia wood provides a sturdy and organic look that’s both attractive and functional, perfect for themed parties or casual get-togethers. Easy to assemble and disassemble, this cupcake stand is not only a conversation starter but also a space saver that adds dimension and style to your serving setup. Whether it’s for displaying sweet treats or savory snacks, this serving tray is a charming addition to your hostess arsenal.

5. Kaizen Casa Wooden Rectangular Serving Tray:

Best Wooden Serving Tray

The Kaizen Casa Wooden Rectangular Serving Tray is a versatile kitchen staple that brings a touch of elegance to any culinary experience. Measuring 16″x 12″ x 2”, this tray offers ample space for a wide range of dining and serving needs. Constructed from sturdy wood, it presents a simplistic yet timeless rectangular silhouette that complements any home decor. Ideal for serving tea, drinks, or snacks, this platter is also perfect for restaurant use or as a charming breakfast tray. Its raised edges ensure contents stay secure, while its flat base rests comfortably on tables, counters, and laps alike. The Kaizen Casa tray is not just practical; it’s a piece that adds rustic charm to your food and beverage presentation.

How to Style Your Wooden Serving Tray

As a Centerpiece

A wooden serving tray can be the perfect base for a captivating centerpiece on your dining table or coffee table. Start with a seasonal theme or color scheme and add items of varying heights and textures for depth. You can include candles, small potted plants, or a vase with fresh flowers. For a more personal touch, intersperse items that tell a story or reflect your interests, such as souvenirs from travels or treasured photographs. The natural beauty of the wood provides a warm backdrop that makes any arrangement pop.

For Special Occasions

For holidays, anniversaries, or celebratory dinners, a wooden serving tray can add a thoughtful touch to the occasion. Dress it up with thematic decorations, like baubles and tinsel for Christmas or pastel blooms for Easter. Use it to serve a specially prepared meal or to display an assortment of treats and appetizers. The tray becomes part of the celebration, enhancing the food presented on it and contributing to the festive atmosphere. It’s a simple way to elevate the special moments shared with loved ones.

Everyday Elegance

Incorporate elegance into your daily life with a wooden serving tray. Use it to serve morning coffee or breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday. Arrange your daily essentials on it for a tidy and chic vanity setup. The natural elements of a wooden tray can bring a calming, grounding presence to your everyday routine, making the mundane feel a bit more special. It’s about finding beauty in every day and elevating the simple moments into cherished rituals.

Care and Maintenance of Wooden Serving Trays

  • Routine Cleaning: Regularly wipe your wooden serving tray with a damp cloth to remove dust and spills. Follow up with a dry towel to eliminate any moisture.
  • Avoid Immersion: Never soak your wooden serving tray in water, as prolonged exposure to moisture can warp and damage the wood.
  • Prompt Spill Management: Clean spills immediately to prevent staining or warping of the wood.
  • Use Proper Cleaning Agents: Stick to mild detergents if necessary, and steer clear of harsh chemicals and abrasive scrubbers.
  • Moisturize the Wood: Condition your tray with food-grade mineral oil periodically to maintain its sheen and prevent the wood from drying out and cracking.
  • Protect from Extreme Temperatures: Do not expose your tray to excessive heat or cold, which can cause the wood to expand or contract and lead to cracking.
  • Gentle Refinishing: If your tray gets scratched or dented, gently sand the affected area and apply a matching wood finish to restore its appearance.
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to avoid fading and drying out.
  • Regular Inspections: Check occasionally for any signs of wear or damage so that you can address them promptly.


Wooden serving trays are more than just utilitarian objects; they are the carriers of joy, style, and tradition in our homes. A well-chosen tray becomes an heirloom, telling tales of shared meals and gatherings through its patina and wear. In a world where the art of hosting is cherished, the wooden serving tray stands as a symbol of hospitality and grace. So, the next time you gather around the table, ask yourself, Isn’t it remarkable how a simple piece of carved wood can hold so much more than just our food? What memories will you create with your serving tray?


1. What is the best wood for a serving tray?
The best wood for a serving tray depends on the desired durability, aesthetic, and use. Hardwoods like acacia, teak, and maple are popular for their strength and beauty.

2. How do I maintain and clean my wooden serving tray?
Clean your wooden tray with a damp cloth and dry it immediately. Avoid immersing it in water, and treat it with mineral oil periodically to maintain its finish.

3. Can wooden serving trays be used for cutting?
It’s not recommended to use a serving tray as a cutting board as it can damage the surface. Use a dedicated cutting board to preserve the tray’s appearance.

4. Are wooden serving trays sustainable?
Wooden serving trays can be sustainable if made from responsibly sourced wood. Look for trays with certifications like FSC to ensure eco-friendly practices.

5. Can I customize my wooden serving tray?
Many craftsmen and sellers offer customization options for wooden serving trays, allowing you to add personal touches like monograms or unique handles.

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